The name of the activities of the program is: “Let’s Dance. Dance Collaboration with Everyone”.

In the program, “Let’s Dance. Dance Collaboration with Everyone”, the KOA Dance Federation invites famous artists and Living Cultural Treasure Persons to hold regular dance workshops more than three times a year and create dance works together and work on dance collaborations together with the East and the West.

For example, KOA Dance Federation invited a principal dancer of the Los Angeles Ballet company to create “Arirang” and performed together with the students of the KOA Dance Federation. And invited Korean Living Cultural Treasure Persons to create a new creative dance called, “We Will Never Forget that Day of Shouts” for Korea’s Liberation Day celebration and performed in the Korean Day festival.

Since 2019 until present, 15 dancers have been invited to participate in 42 activities and which is about 5 invited dancers 14 activities annually.

KOA Dance Federation continues to work to communicate, harmonize, and deliver peace and love through dance in this place where multi-ethnic people live together.